Disney Dreamlight Valley updates could use a Stardew Valley feature

As players finish content between Disney Dreamlight Valley updates, the farming game could benefit from challenges like the Stardew Valley special orders board

Disney Dreamlight Valley challenges - a pink-haired woman with sunglasses stands before pink flowers on a fireplace hearth

There’s been plenty of Disney Dreamlight Valley updates since the fantastical farming game arrived, so there’s no shortage of things to do and friends to make as you attempt to restore the neighbourhood to its full glory. The next Dreamlight Valley update is expected to land in mid-to-late January, but as more players finish off the existing content, some point to one Stardew Valley feature that might benefit the game by offering more repeatable activities to keep things fresh.

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, it’s quite likely that you’ve figured out how to get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, along with the notorious villain Scar and the respective casts of Toy Story and Frozen. If you’re really industrious, you might even have fulfilled all the friendship quests, at which point your only real goals become making money, doing Dreamlight duties, and filling out your collection.

As such, players on Reddit point to challenges like the special orders board in Stardew Valley as a good example. These challenge boards give you several tasks to complete each week and usually offer special rewards or bonus gold payouts upon completion. The thread’s creator suggests that a combination of smaller daily challenges and larger weekly challenges might be a good option, giving players ways to keep busy in-game between major updates.

Some of the examples they give include gathering flowers for Minnie Mouse to make a bouquet, with fabrics offered as a reward. Alternatively, gathering a variety of wood to build furniture for a party might offer a hefty gold payout, while cooking some high-quality meals for Scrooge to throw a party for his nephew could reward players with tickets that can be cashed in for free clothing, accessories, or furniture at his shop.

As someone that played far more Dreamlight Valley over the holiday break than I initially planned to, I’m very close to being in this situation myself, so the idea of having slightly more complex tasks to keep me entertained than the relatively mundane checklists offered by daily duties and seasonal pass tasks is certainly one I’d be on board with. Plus, offering even just a little story reason for each one would certainly help add some more fun to the whole experience.

If you’re just getting started with the game this year, our ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide has everything you should know when starting out in the life game. We’ve also got a comprehensive list of all Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and how to cook them, as well as everything you need to know about Disney Dreamlight Valley house upgrades, so you’ll have plenty to keep you busy for the time being.