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Dress to Impress codes April 2024

Get the latest Dress to Impress codes to get the latest look for your wardrobe, or help create an entirely new stylish fashion trend.

Dress to Impress codes: a fashion model posing on the catwalk in a blue number with green hair and blue clothes. The theme is Sci-Fi.

April 11, 2024: New Dress to Impress codes could come with tomorrow’s delayed update.

What are the new Dress to Impress codes? Look no further if you want to strut your stuff on the catwalk with all the latest fashion accessories. We have all the hottest accessories for you to unlock and add to your ensemble to create a stunning new look, and it’s as simple as entering a code or two.

Unlike most Roblox games, these Dress to Impress codes will permanently unlock a set of items that you can add to your wardrobe. We also have codes for the best Roblox games, such as Berry Avenue codes, Brookhaven codesAnime Last Stand codes and Blox Fruits codes, to help you maximize your freebies.

New Dress to Impress codes

Here are all the new Dress to Impress codes:

  • LABOOTS – two pairs of boots
  • LANA – a new outfit (frilly pants, ruffed crop top, and legwarmers)
  • TEKKYOOZ – a handbag with a black bow.
  • LEAHASHE – Leah hoodie and Ashe pants.
  • LANABOW – Bow accessory.

The Dress to Impress codes redeem screen.

How to redeem Dress to Impress codes

To claim the active Dress to Impress codes, you need to:

  • Go to the official Dress to Impress Roblox page and open the game.
  • Click the button with three stars on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter the code and click the tick button to redeem.

This will permanently unlock the associated fashion accessory, which you can wear at any point from then onward. To wear the item, click its icon on the code redeem screen, and your character should automatically put it on.

You can then tinker with the item’s color by using the color wheel on the screen’s right-hand side. You can take it off by clicking the hat icon on the right-hand side and then clicking the X underneath the item you wish to remove.

How to find more Dress to Impress codes

The easiest way to get more Dress to Impress codes is to bookmark and keep checking this page for when the next batch appears. This saves you from needing to sign up for any services and gets you new accessories as soon as they become available.

However, if you don’t mind going to get them from the source, your best bet is to sign up to the Discord server, which you can find a link to via the Dress to Impress Roblox page and by looking at the announcements tab. This will require you to watch some YouTube videos of previous developer streams to get the codes, and it can take a while to get to the point where you learn the codes, so it’s probably best to leave that tedious work to us.

When is the next Dress to Impress update?

The next Dress to Impress update might be a while off, since the latest huge update was only released on March 30, 2024. The mammoth update included loads of new accessories and fits, a new currency, and loads of other exciting new content.

Those are all the items you can get from the Dress to Impress codes. If you want more items of clothing that work with all Roblox games, feel free to check out our list of Roblox promo codes. We also have a list of Roblox music codes to claim now if you fancy spicing up the musical choices of your favorite experiences.