Elden Ring streamer beats boss by touching bananas

Could you beat Godrick the Grafted with an Elden Ring banana controller? One player has.

Streamer uses an Elden Ring banana controller to beat Godrick the Grafted, gasp

Elden Ring is one of the toughest and best RPGs on PC, and it has a range of amazing boss battles that rank as some of the most challenging encounters in gaming – so when a player comes along and beats arguably the most infamous with a silly, non-traditional controller, it makes us all look bad. Now, here’s a streamer beating Godrick the Grafted, one of the main Elden Ring bosses, by caressing a bunch of bananas.

Streamer and modder Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton has made a name for himself by creating various fantastical (and farcical) controllers and then humiliating everyone by beating really tough games with them. He beat Sekiro with the Donkey Kong bongos and has already taken down Elden Ring’s Bloodhound Knight Darriwil using a Ring Fit controller.

Now Super Louis 64 has brought back one of his older tricks: the banana controller, which he previously used to beat the final boss in Dark Souls 3. He’s now playing through Elden Ring with this controller (thanks, PC Gamer) and has already taken down the infamous Godrick the Grafted.

You can see his setup in the video below. Basically, Hamilton wires eleven bananas to a circuit board that he programmed himself, which simulates the buttons of a PS4 controller. He then touches those bananas and gets the same reaction he would for pushing a button or stick.

YouTube Thumbnail

And here’s the part with him beating Godrick the Grafted, entirely with bananas.

In other fantastic Elden Ring news that makes me look bad, the current record for speedrunning the game is under an hour. I’m 15 hours in and I’ve only just beaten Margit, with a non-fruit controller.

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