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Player meets Elden Ring Jesus and Satan builds, tragedy ensues

A player on Reddit apparently encountered Elden Ring builds for Jesus and Satan while doing a bit of PvP, and perhaps inevitably, the apocalypse happened

Players are making Elden Ring Jesus and Satan builds, and one player encountered them

Players have discovered or created a lot of great Elden Ring builds since FromSoftware’s fantastic RPG game launched, but it still came as a surprise to one player who encountered Jesus and Satan while trying the PvP multiplayer side. Perhaps inevitably, tragedy – and the apocalypse – ensued.

With the range of the Elden Ring character creator and the depth of choice within the classes available, it’s not surprising players are having a lot of fun with the builds. We’ve recently seen the likes of a mech suit and Will Smith, now one player encountered Jesus Christ and Satan while on a PvP walk around Limgrave.

Jesus is actually quite a popular build but He’s rarely accompanied by the Devil, so when user Mar_Reddit recently met them both it was quite an occasion. After trading pleasantries, Mar_Reddit chose the side of good and teamed up with Jesus to resist temptation by immediately attempting to murder Lucifer. And things only escalated from there.

You can check out the full encounter below, right down to the surprise ending that Douglas Adams couldn’t have imagined better. Make sure to have the sound on as Mar_Reddit’s reactions are gold.

So I met Jesus Christ in Elden Ring… This was a roller coaster of emotions. Whoever this was, thank you. I hope enjoy my side of our encounter LMAO. from Eldenring

Well, that’s one way to settle a religious debate.

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