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You can turn Elden Ring mounts against their masters

Elden Ring mounts can be turned against their masters, demonstrated in a funny gameplay clip from the RPG game suggesting that the wild ants are being enslaved

Elden Ring mounts betray masters - a Nox Swordstress riding a Giant Ant in a watery cavern

Some of the more fearsome Elden Ring mounts can be turned against their masters, it appears – as one particularly funny gameplay clip demonstrates. There are countless Elden Ring bosses and other foes in FromSoftware’s giant open-world game that ride upon a range of different creatures. While you might have faithful steed Torrent by your side, some of the enemy mounts can be much more monstrous – and, apparently, less willing to be ridden.

A clip posted to the Elden Ring subreddit by user lexbauvelt shows a rather dramatic instance of a fight against a Nox Swordstress riding a Giant Ant. You might assume that this partnership is the result of a symbiotic relationship between the two communities, developed over many years sharing the same space. However, this appears to not be the case, as the ants appear to be less than pleased about the whole situation.

In the clip, lexbauvelt knocks the Nox Swordstress (try saying that three times quickly) from her position atop the Giant Ant. The mysterious robed figure rises from the ground and prepares to continue her attack regardless – only to be dramatically impaled from behind by her former steed. As users in the comments point out, the ants have glowing magenta eyes that suggest they may have been charmed against their will by their Nox riders.

Other people in the thread note some additional details. You can in fact put the ants to sleep, which also dispels the charm – causing them to kick their rider off their back and attack them. Another video posted to YouTube shows that if the ant-riding Nox is killed and the ants are left to their own devices, they appear to return to being wild beasts, and will roam around and attack other nearby figures that they would ordinarily leave alone under the Nox’s guidance.

While this tiny detail was known by some of the community, many players commented that they had never encountered that before. Some even say they didn’t spot this particular trick despite hours spent farming for the Nox armour sets. It’s another one of those incredible hidden FromSoftware nuances that help cement Elden Ring as one of the best RPG games of all time.

First time seeing this.. Knocked the Nox lady off of her ant and it went to brutally murder her. from Eldenring

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