Elden Ring PvP duel pits Bloodborne’s Lady Maria against Orphan of Kos

An incredible Elden Ring PvP duel sees two roleplayers in the FromSoftware RPG collide with Lady Maria going up against fellow Bloodborne boss the Orphan of Kos

Elden Ring PvP - Lady Maria walks out to the beach at the end of Bloodborne's Old Hunter's DLC

Elden Ring PvP duels are always fun, but especially so when you run into someone taking a like-minded approach to your own. While we may not have Bloodborne on PC still, we do have Elden Ring – a game so good it managed to nab the Steam Game of the Year award along with a crowning spot on the PCGamesN Game of the Year top ten list. The Lands Between, it turns out, offer ample opportunity to emulate other FromSoftware moments, providing a great place to see some of the best Bloodborne bosses clash.

When considering which Elden Ring builds to use against other players, many people love to draw inspiration from characters in other series, whether that be FromSoftware products, other games, or even different media altogether. One player, who goes by Death_Metal_ on Reddit, dressed up as the iconic Lady Maria – one of the most memorable characters from Bloodborne’s roster – to invade other players, when they encountered something particularly memorable.

Fair warning here: light Bloodborne DLC spoilers follow. Upon invading their opponent, Death_Metal_ finds the Orphan of Kos on one of the desolate beaches, much like the one they are found on in Bloodborne’s Fishing Hamlet. While the Lady Maria cosplay is certainly worthy of merit, the opponent’s commitment to the bit is unparalleled. They begin curled up in a hidden object, as though to emulate crawling from the husk of Kos, and let out a terrifying howl to start the fight.

Both players clearly put a huge amount of thought into their builds, with the Orphan wielding a large, buffed Magma Wyrm Sword to emulate the Bloodborne character’s fleshy weapon as closely as possible. Each of them even go so far as to transform into a ‘stage two’ mod partway through – Maria switching to her dual blades, and the Orphan player screaming a second time before unleashing lightning attacks and hurling unpleasant, messy globs using incantations.

When you’re invading as Lady Maria and planets align from Eldenring

Many commenters express what a cool moment it is, with some saying they wouldn’t even have minded if it had been staged. Death_Metal_ assures that it was pure coincidence, however, saying, “I absolutely lost it when I saw the name, and lost it again when I actually saw the host. That was so cool on so many levels.” They add that they managed to get another round after this one by invading again, and that the second fight actually went the other way.

Moments like this are certainly a welcome reminder of just how cool FromSoftware’s whole catalogue is, and what a wonderful sandbox playground Elden Ring can be. It’s definitely left us tempted to try out some cosplays of our own while we wait for news about Elden Ring DLC – hopefully we’ll run into some of you out there doing just the same!

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