Nine seconds of what might be Elden Ring appears online, internet explodes

A few seconds of what purports to be a new trailer for Elden Ring is making the rounds today, and we are tired of it already


The internet, which is constantly exploding lately, is parched for any news whatsoever of From Software’s next big Soulslike game, Elden Ring. So famished is it that it will eagerly lap up droplets of anything that even might be an Elden Ring announcement of some kind. Today, the big thing is a clip of a new and unreleased Elden Ring trailer, recorded from off screen and compressed into oblivion by social media upload protocols.

The clip purports to be from an upcoming Elden Ring gameplay trailer. It shows a figure mounted on horseback, passing through several areas in what appears to be a large open world littered with ruined structures. In one shot, the ground is covered in snow, while in another, a giant glowing tree looms on the horizon.

The clip briefly shows a fire-breathing dragon, and what looks like e a fight with a sword-wielding figure who leaps down from on high with a strike. Superimposed text reads “an all-new fantasy action RPG”.

Here’s one clipped version (which may be unavailable soon, as Bandai Namco has been aggressively flagging “leaked” footage videos online):

YouTube Thumbnail

While the Elden Ring subreddit will no doubt spend the next several months deciphering each frame of leaked footage, there’s little firm information to go on about this right now. Xbox marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg makes it clear that the trailer won’t be part of Xbox’s upcoming “What’s New In Gaming” event scheduled for March 23, but both VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb and Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier have tweeted that an Elden Ring announcement of some kind is likely to happen this month.

Absent any word from publisher Bandai Namco or developer From Software, there’s no telling what this footage is really from. It might be Elden Ring, but who knows – maybe it’s blurry footage of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

In the meantime, enjoy our list of the best RPG games to play on PC, and find a long one – we’re still probably in for quite a wait before Elden Ring shows up on virtual store shelves.