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Empire of Sin developer says bug fixes and DLC are on the way

Brenda Romero's new gangster strategy game will be getting plenty of TLC and DLC

Empire of Sin

Empire of Sin is out now, and while the strategy game does a good job of putting players right into the mix of Prohibition-era Chicago, it’s not without its issues. Game director Brenda Romero says that fixes and updates are on the way – along with DLC expansions that will add new stuff to do and places to go.

Romero, whose husband John has also periodically worked in game development, posted an image to Twitter today under the heading “A quick update on Empire of Sin.” In it, she thanks players for trying out the new crime game, which she’s developed with publishing support from Paradox Interactive.

“We have some updates coming your way,” Romero writes. “We are dedicated to making this game as great as it can be and that’s why the feedback we have been getting from you is so important to us. Over the upcoming weeks and months, we will be working on delivering patches to improve your experience with the game.” As Joe Robinson notes in our Empire of Sin review, the current build of the game is buggy enough to require regular reloads and is in what he calls “a fundamentally fun but funky state.”

It sounds as though Romero Games is hard at work getting patches out, however.

Romero doesn’t share too much about what’s coming next in terms of additional content for Empire of Sin, only that players will be “going places and meeting new people.” That sounds to us like the potential for new locations – which could be in Chicago or elsewhere in the world of the 1920s mob.