F1 22 cross-play coming this month, and you can try it now

F1 22 cross-play arrives later in August, but EA Sports is holding two weekend cross-play sessions ahead of time for players to test it out

F1 22 cross-play dates: Colourful F1 cars bunch up as they round a corner on a sunny track

Formula One racing on PC is about to get a lot more social, as F1 22 cross-play arrives later in August. Even better news is that you can try the racing game’s new cross-play function out during two test sessions, the first of which begins today, August 5.

The two test sessions run August 5 – 7 and August 12 – 14. During these weekends, F1 22 players on PC will be able to play with F1 fans on PlayStation and Xbox consoles via either Steam or Origin.

Cross-play works in Social Race and Two-Player Career Modes in F1 22. To participate, you’ll have to enable cross-play in the ‘settings’ menu under ‘game options.’ Once that’s done, you’ll be able to join other sessions and invite players to your session across all platforms in Social Race.

F1 22 also has a Friends Hub, which you can access by pressing F10, where you can add anyone you’ve recently raced with to your friends list.

EA Sports hasn’t provided a firm date for the full rollout of F1 22’s cross-play feature – it’ll likely depend on how well these first two weekends go, and if the community discovers any serious issues with it.

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