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Dishonored, Avatar writer is the new Fable 4 story lead

The new Fable 4 narrative lead has quite a pedigree, having been a story writer on Dishonored, the new Avatar game, Control, Guild Wars, and Littlest Pet Shop

A sorceress holds a magic weed crystal in the search for a new Fable 4 story writer

There’s a new narrative lead in charge of the Fable 4 story, and they have a wide range of experience across an impressive variety of game series – such as Dishonored, Avatar, Guild Wars, Control, and even Littlest Pet Shop (yes Anna, I had to mention that).

Anna Megill joined Playground Games in February 2021 as lead writer on the new Fable RPG game, according to her LinkedIn page and enthusiastic tweets. Cut to July 2022 and she is now the narrative lead of the new Fable game’s story, a position Megill previously held on Remedy’s Control – a game PCGamesN praised for its storytelling, incidentally.

Aside from Control, Anna Megill also wrote for Ubisoft’s upcoming Avatar game Frontiers of Pandora, the fantastic Dishonored: Death of the Outsider expansion, and both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Oh, yes, and a Littlest Pet Shop Flash game too.

The Fable writer – whoops, sorry, Narrative Lead – took to Twitter to confirm the genuinely “exciting news” with a fantastic title-change video that took the community by storm.

Congratulations Anna, but I think Fable fans are the real winners here.

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Nevertheless, we still don’t really have any details on the new Fable game. Fable 4 will be out before Elder Scrolls VI and the rumours of “downscaling” aren’t anything to worry about, but otherwise, all we have is a frog eating a fairy. Let’s hope for a proper re-reveal soon.