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Fall Guys has added a Portal 2 P-Body skin, available now

It's the latest in a series of Valve-themed cosmetics

As of right now, if you have Fall Guys on PS4 or Steam, you can get an adorable skin of Portal 2’s P-Body for your jelly bean.

The skin was revealed be developer Mediatonic on the official Twitter the same day it became available to purchase in the store of the battle royale game. No price is specified, so be cautious you might need to win a couple of rounds to make up the crowns or currency. This is just the latest piece of cosmetic content that’s come to the multiplayer game in collaboration with Valve. There was a Gordon Freeman skin for everyone who pre-ordered, and a Team Fortress 2 skin is on the way.

Valve was well ahead of the curve getting some items onto Fall Guys. The game became a surefire hit before it even properly launched, taking Twitch by storm two weekends running as part of the beta, before then jumping to the number one and number two spots of the Steam top-sellers list. Demand is now high among the industry at large to get a squidgy skin of their own, Konami, CD Projekt, and Digital Extremes all expressing genuine interest.

This stretches beyond gaming, too, as Fall Guys opened a bidding war among brands to get an in-game skin. Whomever donates the most to UK non-profit SpecialEffect, which helps players with physical disabilities, will get the cover jelly bean overalls. The amounts were high from the jump, and keep getting higher – the current leading bid is from Youtube channel FGTeev, at $422,222.22

Fall Guys season 2 will be revealed at Gamescom.