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Fall Guys is a sex game now

You can hook the party game up to a vibrator for maximum pleasure

Fall Guys is a quasi-battle royale game, and now it’s a sex game too. Using some open source sex toy technology, you can have the vibrations of the multiplayer game sent to your sexual assistant of choice, and have a right old time.

Daily Dot NSFW reporter Ana Valens demonstrated the experience recently on a stream. Essentially, you’re hooking up a vibrator to whatever machine you’re playing Fall Guys on, and whenever the controller would normally rumble, your toy does so instead. It’s done using the Intiface Games Haptics Router, a piece of tech from creator Kyle Machulis that turns games into “intimate interaction environments”. Generally speaking, anything that has ‘Xbox Gamepad Compatible’ can be used, and most VR games made in Unity can work with it, too.

You can view a clip of Ana’s stream below, and as you might imagine, the already playful game has become all the more giggle-inducing. Tech like this has existed in the games industry for years now – the PlayStation 2 had a peripheral not far off what’s happening here. The simplicity and sheer chaos of Fall Guys lends itself quite easily to this kind of foreplay (for lack of a better word).

Only vibrators can be used on the IGHR so far, but support for other toys is coming in a future update. Just after Fall Guys launched, we had someone playing it using literal jelly beans. A novelty controller tournament must be organised, to see which setup is makes for best performance – our money’s on the sex toys.

“The controller vibrations developed by Mediatonic are surprisingly immersive in their own right, but playing the game with a vibrator really made me appreciate just how much work went into building immersion into the game in the small ways we often take for granted as players,” Ana told us. “It’s easy to get really caught up in all the little jump vibrations and collision effects when every single movement is going straight to your dick and you already can’t focus from how hard you’re laughing.”

You can view a clip of Ana playing with the IGHR here (some NSFW language):

If you have any questions about the IGHR, you can find the forums here, or message Kyle directly here. Fall Guys has sold some seven million copies on Steam alone since launching in early August. At Gamescom, we got our first look at Fall Guys Season 2, which will bring some medieval stages and costumes.