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Fall Guys reveals one of Season 2’s new medieval levels

Knight Fever is a race through a spiky obstacle course

Today we get our first real look at what Fall Guys Season 2 is going to look like, and we’ve unfortunately learned the name of Big Yeetus’ new friend as well. The upcoming stage ‘Knight Fever’ was revealed today, and it’s another one of Fall Guys’ trademark obstacle course races, although this time it’s with some added medieval flair.

Knight Fever, which was revealed today by IGN, begins with a run up one of several parallel concave chutes, which each have swinging axes spaced along their length. When you reach the top, you’ll head toward a set of three horizontal logs that have pink spikes rotating around them to knock you off into the pink abyss below.

Next, you’ll move your bean down a gooey slide, which opens onto two more curved purple chutes that challenge you to avoid another set of whirling axes. Then there’s another, final purple chute that’s swept by two big spiky logs. These were teased two weeks ago, when the Fall Guys Twitter account asked players to help come up with a name for ‘Big Yeetus’ new friend.”

We regret to inform you that this obstacle has been named Thicc Bonkus. Understandably perhaps, the account has blamed the Fall Guys community for this atrocity.

Moving right along then, here’s IGN’s video of Knight Fever:

YouTube Thumbnail

The new medieval theme is on display in Knight Fever, and it’s not only evident from the logs, drawbridges, and axes visible in the prop design, but also in the multiplayer game‘s new costumes, which include wizards and French fries.

The Fall Guys Season 2 release date is coming up this week, so get those Season 1 crowns while you still can.