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FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards time, points, and ranks

FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards are an excellent way of acquiring new players, here’s the rewards, the point requirements, and what time you can claim them

FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards time: a group of footballs celebrate after scoring a goal

The FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards time comes at the same point every week, offering packs and coins to those who duke it out with the AI, giving players an excellent way to add players to their club. Whether you’re aiming for that number one spot, or just looking to play a few games and earn the most basic rewards, Squad Battles are the staple of everyone’s FIFA Ultimate Team football game journey.

The rewards for playing Squad Battles can vary wildly depending on where you finish in the rankings. Each game you play awards you Squad Battles points, with factors like a win or loss, how many goals you score, and even how much possession you had during the game coming into play. Here is the exact FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards time, the full list of rewards, and the average amount of points you need.

Squad Battles rewards time

Squad Battles both begins and ends on a Sunday, and you can claim your rewards at the following time:

  • 12am PDT
  • 3am EDT
  • 8am BST
  • 9am CEST

As long as you have achieved at least Bronze 3 rank, you’ll be able to claim your rewards, and then the grind begins anew. Detailed below are the rewards, which get better the more points you manage to achieve, so it’s always worth playing at least a few Squad Battles games a week so you have something to claim come Sunday. A win on World Class difficulty, scoring five goals or more will usually net you around 2,000 points, so make sure you’re bagging as many goals as you can. Completing as little as three matches at that pace will put you in range of a Gold 3 rank, so if you’re adept against the AI, you can quickly earn some top rewards.

Squad Battles rewards list

Here’s the full list of rewards you can earn in Squad Battles, showcasing exactly why it’s worth partaking in each week.

Rank Average Points Required Rewards
Rank 1-200 80,000 – 110,000

1x Rare Players Pack

2x Mega Pack

65,000 coins

Elite 1 40,000

2x Rare Players Pack

26,000 coins

Elite 2 27,000

2x Rare Electrum Players Pack

1x Premium Gold Players Pack

14,000 coins

Elite 3 20,000

2x Rare Electrum Players Pack

1x Prime Mixed Players Pack

8,000 coins

Gold 1 12,000

1x Prime Mixed Players Pack

1x Prime Electrum Players Pack

1x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

8,000 coins

Gold 2 8,000

1x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

1x Prime Mixed Players Pack

6,000 coins

Gold 3 6,000

1x Jumbo Premium gold Pack

1x Prime Mixed Players Pack

5,000 coins

Silver 1 4,000

2x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

4,000 coins

Silver 2 3,000

2x Premium Gold Pack

1x Gold Pack

Silver 3 2,000

1x Premium Gold Pack

1x Gold Pack

1,000 coins

Bronze 1 1,600

2x Gold Pack

500 coins

Bronze 2 1,000 1x Gold Pack
Bronze 3 50 1x Premium Loan Player Reward Pack

The packs you get as a reward for competing in Squad Battles give you a great chance to net yourself one of the TOTW players, a FUT Hero, or even an Icon. If you’re hungry for more packs after your Squad Battles rewards, we have solutions for the Advanced, Puzzle Master, and Around The World SBCs, just in case you didn’t get anything decent the first time around.