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Final Fantasy 16 system requirements will push your PC to its limit

The next big PS5 port to PC may be the most demanding yet, as Naoki Yoshida hints that we'll be playing the game within the next year.

Final Fantasy 16 a closeup of Clive Rosfield

It’s been quite a busy period for PS5 games making their way to PC, and it’s about to get even better for those awaiting the arrival of Final Fantasy XVI. In a recent interview, FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida hinted that the game could be playable within the next year, but warned that the system requirements are currently “quite high”.

We’re curious to see where Final Fantasy 16 ranks on the list of best Final Fantasy games on PC, and its optimization will play a huge role in this. Early comments suggest you may need one of the best graphics cards to push for the best performance, but have plenty of other PS5 ports to help us understand what components might be needed.

The comments on Final Fantasy 16’s system requirements come from a Naoki Yoshida interview with Game Informer. He states: “In terms of where we are in development currently, we’re trying to figure out the final stages of optimization right now. When we can release the PC version might be dependent on that – the system requirements and specifications for PC that players will need, so we’re trying to figure that out. Naturally, [the PC specifications] are looking to be somewhat high.”

It’s not unusual for system requirements to look a little intimidating before optimizations have been made to a PC port. A great recent example of this is Alan Wake 2, which recently dropped its system requirements following such optimizations.

If we look at other ports from the PS5 library, including Horizon Forbidden West, we can see that the entry-level requirements are very accessible for older gaming systems. It’s only if you want to enjoy stable 4K gameplay that the demands become a little tricky to meet.

While FF16 is likely to be ported in-house at Square Enix rather than using PS5 port specialist Nixxes, it may be pulled in to help out once work on Horizon Forbidden West is complete.

The Final Fantasy XVI release date window was also hinted at in this interview and we’ve addressed the possibility of it launching this year in another article.

While we doubt you’ll need an entirely new rig to play Final Fantasy XVI, we can show you how to build a gaming PC in 2024 should you be due an upgrade.