Fortnite map remakes sci-fi FPS Bioshock

A new Fortnite map recreates the city of Rapture from the sci-fi FPS Bioshock, proving once again the endless creativity possible in Epic's battle royale

Fortnite map remakes sci-fi FPS Bioshock: a monster in a diving suit with a drill for a hand has its head replaced with a smiling tomato

The Fortnite map has undergone dozens of changes, especially with the Reality Tree doing its thing, but as well as Rocket League and classic boardgames, you can now experience the seminal sci-fi FPS Bioshock inside Epic's battle royale, thanks to one inspired fan creation.

We’ve seen before an amazing Spider-Man-themed swinging map, and the Fortnite take on Overwatch 2, complete with powers and objectives. But Rapture, the failed, underwater utopia from the first Bioshock in 2008, looks truly fantastic, complete with art deco architecture, atmospheric lighting, and a Big Daddy-style old-fashioned diving suit.

Flux_Capacimoose posted a video showing off their new map. It’s an astoundingly pretty take on the dystopian world of Rapture, with a rain filter covering the screen for added impact, the water surrounding you on every side, and the strange mix of advertising and classical sculptures that helped to make the world of Bioshock so deeply unsettling. You’ve also got to admire the skin and pickaxe that were used for the video itself, as they both add a lot of extra authenticity.

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If all of this has you wanting to tear down the dystopian future, it’d probably be easier with a Ripsaw Launcher, which we happen to know all about. You might also want to try some of the other best FPS games on PC, including Halo Infinite and Doom Eternal.