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Fortnite takes players back to Chapter One next month

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will run a throwback event to Chapter One next month. So far, only a teaser image has been shown off.

A close up of the Chapter One Battle Bus in Fortnite 2023

Fortnite will be heading back to its Chapter One map next month, according to a new tweet by Epic Games. So far, we only have a promotional image showing the OG battle bus, next to a date of Friday November 3, 2023. This confirms the weeks of teases pointing to an upcoming throwback season.

Thanks to a new image posted on the main Fortnite Twitter account, we know that the game will be going back to Chapter One on November 3, 2023. The battle royale game has been teasing a throwback season for a few weeks now, with points of interest and items from Chapter One popping up all over the map.

If you head to Frenzy Fields, you’ll find a bunch of familiar items and signs from Fortnite Chapter One, as well as a time machine. This time machine has been in the game for a week now, displaying a 2017 date on its screen. This is of course when Fortnite Chapter One was live, teasing the return that’s now been officially confirmed by Epic.

The Fortnite battle bus suspended in a blue cloudy sky next to a logo and a date saying November 3 2023

Aside from the release date, we don’t know too much about what to expect from the new Chapter One season. For one, it’s unclear whether it will be a full season, or more of a limited-time event. Secondly, it’s not known whether modern Fortnite mechanics like sprint and mantle will be included, and what weapons will be available in the loot pool.

From the wording of the announcement tweet, which mentions sprinting and mantling, it’s likely that the new Chapter One gameplay will take its main cues from modern Fortnite, with the classic map being the main throwback included. Until Epic Games details the season fully, we will have to wait and see what’s in-store for this upcoming trip down memory lane.

Fortnite is currently in Chapter 4 Season 4, and is running an ongoing Fortnitemares event. So far, we’ve seen iconic horror characters like Alan Wake, Jack Skellington and even Michael Myers added in. The current season is currently scheduled to end on November 3, so make sure you complete the Battle Pass before then.

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