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All Fortnite fireworks locations: where to launch fireworks on the map

Need help finding all the Fortnite firework locations? Check out our map to find every one of them

fortnite fireworks locations

Looking fora map of all Fortnite firework locations to kick off your New Year’s Eve celebrations? The season 7 week 4 challenges for Fortnite are live now and feature a slew of hidden objects to find and tricky eliminations to pull off, not least among them is the five-star free challenge to launch fireworks.

Across the battle royale map you’ll find stashes of fireworks that you can interact with and launch. You only need to find to launch three of these to complete the challenge and move yourself one step closer to a new Battle Pass tier and, hopefully, a shiny new cosmetic item.

Finding these Fortnite firework locations has been pretty tricky, but with some hard work and after a lot of quick deaths, we have managed to find all firework launch sites across the Fortnite map. Why did it take us so long? All the firework locations are dotted around the edge of the map, rather than in any of the named locations.

There are a whopping 14 fireworks sites in Fortnite and we’ve pinned every location to our custom map below (click to enlarge) – take a look if you’re struggling to tick off this challenge.

Fortnite fireworks map

After you’ve found and interacted with three of these fireworks you will have completed the challenge. Perhaps you’re still trying to tick off some of the other Fortnite challenges such as dancing in front of Fortnite holiday trees or searching between three Fortnite ski lodges. There will be plenty for challenges for you to finish over the coming days so make sure to check back with us regularly for guides on completing them.