How to slide in Fortnite

Find out how you can utilise the updated Fortnite slide mechanic to evade enemy fire, and either slide past enemies, or knock them back with a kick

A Fortnite player sliding down a snowy mountain at night

Want to know how to slide in Fortnite? Fortnite Chapter 3’s island is filled with hilly areas, the perfect place to introduce a sliding mechanic. What’s more, you don’t need to be in a snowy environment in the battle royale game to utilise this mechanic.

Performing a Fortnite slide is as simple as crouching during a sprint – it’s worth learning how to slide early on as it’s a staple of the Fortnite meta. Sliding down a steep hill allows you to move much faster than if you were running, making it easy to avoid enemy fire and outrun the storm circle. It’s possible to slide on a level platform, though you won’t travel very far as you need an angled surface to utilise this mechanic effectively. In addition, you can also use Fortnite grapple gloves or the Fortnite Baller to swing around the environment, while the new chrome splash item helps you move quickly.

Fortnite slide - Bytes is sliding while holding a sniper rifle.

How to slide kick in Fortnite

You can slide anywhere in Fortnite by pressing the crouch button while moving. To increase your speed while sliding, you need to find a steep hill to slide down. As you build momentum and gain extra speed, you’re vulnerable to taking heavy amounts of fall damage. Try not to jump as you build momentum as you can instantly down yourself depending on the height you fall from. If you crash into an enemy as you’re sliding, you’ll kick them into the air; how far they fly depends entirely on your current sliding speed.

Players can build and fight while sliding, giving you a massive advantage if you happen to have the high ground. It’s important to note that sliding doesn’t work in Creative mode unless you enable it in the settings menu beforehand. Many creative maps from Chapter 2 don’t support sliding right now, but popular maps should now have a Chapter 3 update to fix this issue.

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And that’s all you need to know about how to slide in Fortnite. If you’re skilled at Fortnite, you’ll be pleased to know about the new Fortnite victory crown, which rewards confident players with bonus experience points. Don’t forget to check out our list of the current Fortnite weapons for this season, including the powerful Evochrome weapons.