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Fortnite hurdling disabled again as players flung into orbit

Fortnite hurdling has been disabled again as Chapter 4 Season 1 bugs continue in the Epic battle royale game and a repeatable glitch flings players into orbit

Fortnite hurdling disabled - a firgure in a red suit, tie, and face mask

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 bugs continue, with Fortnite hurdling disabled again by Epic Games due to related glitches, causing everything from broken player animations to characters being literally flung into orbit high above the world. It’s been a slightly rocky start to the latest chapter of one of the best battle royale games on PC, with broken reloads, severe frame drops, and oversized gliders among the issues reported by the player base.

The hurdling mechanic, which allows players to quickly vault over low objects while sprinting across the Fortnite map, is a very handy way to quickly cross built-up areas – especially since the introduction of Fortnite Zero Build. However, it was temporarily disabled in mid-December due to a bug, only to return as part of a Fortnite update on January 10 alongside the Shockwave Hammer and Burst Assault Rifle, with Epic Games saying that it had “resolved an issue where players would get in unintended states while moving.”

It appears, however, that this issue has not been resolved, as just three days later the mechanic has once again been pulled. Epic comments, “Due to issues, we have temporarily disabled Hurdling.” The team notes that players can still use the mantle to climb taller obstacles, and says, “Fixes are coming soon and we’ll provide an update when the issues are resolved.”

It appears that the most common replicable cause of the issue is when players attempt to hurdle over a vehicle, getting into it as they do so. This then leads to problems when leaving the vehicle and trying to hurdle over other objects. In some instances, players are teleported a short distance, and then left in a state where their animations are somewhat broken, and they are unable to hurdle further or mantle onto higher objects.

However, in other instances players are finding themselves flung directly upwards, ending up floating high up above the map, out in space. It’s a pretty hilarious bug to witness, as can be seen at the 4:50 mark in the video below from Fortnite specialist iFireMonkey.

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The whole thing is a pretty fun novelty, but it’s obviously an issue – getting into the broken animation state leaves you unable to do a lot of key actions for the rest of the match. As such, Epic Games has disabled the mechanic altogether for the time being. You can follow the Fortnite Status account on Twitter for updates on when the mechanic returns.

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