Where to search a Fortnite ice machine

Ice machine locations to help complete Big Mouth’s punchcard quest

A Fortnite ice machine just outside a gas station. It's seeping frozen air.

Want to know where to search an ice machine in Fortnite? This week’s Fortnite punchcard quests add both Grim Fable and Big Mouth to the roster of Fortnite NPCs. Big Mouth’s set of quests asks you to complete simple tasks such as opening chests and ammo boxes, or buying health items, but the one that might throw you for a loop is to find and search an ice machine.

These chill boxes have been part of the battle royale game for quite some time, and in the average game they’re not all that useful. Opening an ice machine will normally give you some fish that you can eat to regain health or shields. It’s likely that you just need a reminder of where you can find them for this one punchcard quest, before moving on. Unless you really enjoy frozen fish.

Finding the Fortnite IO guards is far trickier than finding this fishy chill box, so check our locations guide if you’re also on the lookout for them Here are our tips for where to search for a Fortnite ice machine to complete the second of Big Mouth’s punchcard quests.

Fortnite ice machine locations

The best places to find ice machines in Fortnite are:

  • The log cabins in Weeping Woods
  • Outside most gas stations
  • At the back of the shops in Craggy Cliffs, Retail Row, and Misty Meadows

To find one, you need to listen out for the sound of an open refrigerator – that cold sound that sounds like something freezing – and you should eventually find an ice machine.

That’s all you need to do to search a Fortnite ice machine. There are a lot more punchcard quests out there to complete for experience, with some requiring you to delve into The Sideways. New Fortnite Toona Fish styles are now available, with some requiring you to complete quests to unlock them for purchase with your hard-earned ink.