Fortnite: dial Pizza Pit number, big telephone location guide

Looking for a giant telephone east of The Block? Here's how and and where to dial the Pizza Pit number

fortnite dial pizza pit number the block telephone

So you’ve found the first phone and now you need to dial the Pizza Pit number and track down the big telephone east of The Block? No problem, we’ve got all your Fortnite season 8 week 8 challenges covered so you can focus on the important things in life: chalking up battle royale victories and unlocking as many Fortnite skins as possible before the Fortnite season 9 release date.

This challenge should be very easy to complete and ties in neatly to the recently reactivated Food Fight LTM. All you need to do is drop into a game of battle royale, open your map up and drop a marker east of The Block and on the border of the jungle area. Use our map below for the exact location. Drop out of the Battle Bus and head straight to the Fortnite Pizza Pit telephone – in case it wasn’t clear, you need to have done the Fortnite dial Durr Burger challenge first.

There is a weapon spawn close to the big telephone, so you’ll want to get here first and tool up for some free kills. If another player is ahead of you head elsewhere, grab some gear and hope to catch them in the act. Dialing the Pizza Pit number takes quite a bit of time so you’ll want an empty area.

Once you’re at the phone, you need to jump onto it and read the phone number in the middle of the dial ring. To complete the challenge you need to bash each number button with your pickaxe in the same order as the number in front of you. You should hear a pleasant tone each time you hit a number, and when you’ve hit them all in the right order the telephone will ring, signaling that you’ve completed the week 8 telephone challenge.

Here’s the video and a map in case you need some help:

YouTube Thumbnail

fortnite dial pizza pit number the block telephone

That should have rewarded you with some well-deserved progress along your Battle Pass and maybe even a new Fortnite Wrap or some Fortnite V-Bucks. There are plenty more challenges this week that you may require our help with this week, including finding and following a Paradise Palms treasure map signpost and tracking down some Fortnite puzzle pieces.