Fortnite: search the X on the Paradise Palms treasure map

Fly your way over to Frosty Flight to complete the second part of this two-stage week 8 challenge for your next Battle Pass reward

Fortnite search the x treasure map paradise palms

Where do I search the X on the Paradise Palms treasure map in Fortnite? Once you’ve discovered the pirate blueprint in the arid desert biome in Epic’s stonkingly successful multiplayer game, this is, honestly, a predictable question. However, it’s one we’ll happily field anyway with this guide on where to search the X in Fortnite’s Paradise Palms area.

As you’ll know after acquiring the Fortnite Paradise Palms treasure map earlier, you’ll be heading to the distinctly chilly region of Frosty Flights to finish off the second part of this week 8 mission. Since it’s the other side of the map completely, it might well be worth getting yourself killed so you can start a new game: it’s quite a trek to make the trip on foot if you fail to find a vehicle.

Since the topography of this ice-cold area of the map is pretty distinct, it’s quite easy to spot where you need to go once you have the treasure map in your possession. The image pertains to the runway in the south-west corner of the map, south of Snobby Shores and west of Polar Peak. Anyway, like the loot-crazy pirates we know you are, we imagine you want us to cut to the chase. So, here’s where to search the X on the Paradise Palms treasure map.

Fortnite: where to search the X on the Paradise Palms treasure map

So, now that you’re flying over the picturesque airspace that is Frosty Flights, we’d like to direct your attention over to the runway on the edge of the map. On the edge over the runway that’s closest to the water’s edge, you need to search the X right here to get your reward. If those directions are not clear enough, however, we have a map below to be more specific.

Fortnite search the x paradise palms

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And there you go, that’s where to search the X on the Paradise Palms treasure map in Fortnite. But, wait! You have more week 8 challenges to get done. So, now that season 8 is nearing its end, make sure you have dialled the Fortnite Durr Burger number and the Pizza Pit number. Just save us a slice, won’t you? Just be sure to add on extra pineapple, please and thank you.