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Fortnite Volcano Vents: use a Volcano Vent in different matches

Where can you find Fortnite's new geothermic launch pads? Here's a list of locations

fortnite volcano vents locations

Looking for a list of all Fortnite Volcano Vents? Fortnite Season 8 is finally upon us and as usual it’s bringing sweeping changes to the battle royale map, a new Battle Pass full of cosmetic rewards, new gameplay items like the Pirate Cannon, and much, much more. But you’re here for those all important Fortnite Season 8 week 1 challenges, which include a curious new gameplay mechanic called Volcano Vents. So, how do you use a Volcano Vent in different matches and where are all the Fortnite Volcano Vents locations?

These vents are a fresh addition to the battle royale map and appear to work just like a jump pad – possibly even replacing Rift Portals as we’ve not seen any yet. All you have to do to activate them is spot a steam vent near a fissure in the ground, run over it, and it will catapult you into the air. Better still, once in the air you will be able to activate your glider, allowing you to escape a fight or make up some distance to avoid that Storm circle.

We’re still waiting on Fortnite Season 8 to go live for everyone and when it does we’ll hop in-game to find as many of these Volcano Vent locations as possible so you can tick this challenge off in a jiffy.

Fortnite Volcano Vents

Here is a full list of the Volcano Vent locations we’ve found so far:

  • East side of the new volcano on a high up ledge
  • West side of the new volcano on a precipice
  • East side of Dusty Divot by the lava flow and a series of crates
  • An additional vent can be found just north of the lava
  • In the middle of the lava flow east of Dusty Divot

fortnite volcano vents all

So far we’ve found that these vents are very common in the north-east region of the map, and generally you can find these anywhere there’s lava or cracks in the Fortnite map, which makes sense from a geological perspective.

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We’re currently in the process of finding the remaining geothermic launch pads, so bear with us and keep refreshing this page every now and again for more. However, the above locations should be all you need to tick off one of the first Fortnite challenges of Season 8.