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Genshin Impact collabs show off amazing skins that we’ll never get

Genshin Impact's collaborations often showcase official art of its characters in perfect outfits that we'd love to see in-game as new skins.

Genshin Impact collabs show off amazing skins that we'll never get: anime girl with purple hair and witch hat

The newest Genshin Impact brand collaborations have once again put the anime game‘s characters in some of the best outfits we’ve ever seen them in, so it’s a shame that those designs aren’t likely to become in-game skins at any point in the future. Honestly, these one-off alternate designs for Genshin Impact characters shouldn’t have the community pleading for skins, but there are so few in the game, released at such a slow pace, that players are running with whatever they can get.

Genshin Impact often advertises new brand collaborations, and in those ads/announcements, their characters are always given amazing new designs. We saw this happen last year when Amber and Eula were dressed up as a delivery girl and chef for a Pizza Hut collab, and most recently, three more collabs have been revealed, complete with several cool alternate character outfits.

Keep – a fitness brand – has Bennett in sportswear, and an ad for M&G Stationery has Tighnari and Albedo looking like teachers. The best part about these new outfits is that HoYoverse uses characters that perfectly match the energy and theme of the collab – that’s one of the main reasons why players would love to see these designs in-game.

Genshin Impact collabs show off amazing skins that we'll never get: anime characters on a green background next to text

These collaborations usually don’t pop up in North America or Europe, as you can see above, but the designs are great all the same – especially this one, considering that Tighnari and Albedo are two of the smartest characters we know of in Teyvat.

HoYoverse tends to add two new skins every four updates, which results in a 24-week wait or longer for new character designs. At this pace, we won’t see new ones until 4.3 at the earliest. When looking at that timeframe, it’s easy to understand why the community jumps with excitement at any new character design shown.

On the other hand, new characters themselves do get added regularly, and if you’re looking to pull for someone new, have a look at our Genshin Impact tier list for tips. And be sure to redeem available Primogem codes to raise your chances of getting who you want.