1.6 million players drowned during the latest Genshin Impact event

The Genshin Impact event Summertime Odyssey was unexpectedly challenging for players, if the RPG maker's most recent stat update is anything to go by

Genshin Impact event stats: A young man in scarlet sinks below the ocean's surface

The Genshin Impact event Summertime Odyssey has been live for over a month now in HoYoverse’s massive RPG, and in Teyvat Times Vol. 4, the developer shares some unexpectedly funny stats from player behavior. These are global stats that come from the America, Europe, Asia, and TW, HK, MO servers. The most eye-catching fun fact states that about 1,665,189 players drowned while exploring the new Golden Apple Archipelago this summer, and that number has no doubt increased since the release of the recent Teyvat Times.

It’s a bit surprising. Sure, there’s plenty of water to accidentally fall into while exploring the archipelago – but there are also plenty of Waverider Waypoints to summon boats. That being said, the fictional newspaper also goes on to note that around 760,044 players on average had their Waveriders stolen by teammates each day during the co-op Reminiscent Regimen portion of the Summertime Odyssey event. Admittedly, I’m one of those boat thieves who may or may not have accidentally left a few co-op partners lost at sea.

On a much lighter note, players were very eager to find all of the new chests hidden away in the Golden Apple Archipelago. After the Summertime Odyssey event went live, 56,042,023 treasure chests were opened in a single day. Though, the same can’t be said about the Phantasmal Conches. Only 35.51% of players collected all 14 available Phantasmal Conches on the first day of the event, and 72% of players missed one of the two hidden conches on Twinning Isle and Broken Isle.

Looking at these stats is a fun way to say goodbye to the final big event from the 2.0 versions of the game, and you can check out the latest Teyvat Times on the Genshin Impact Twitter page. Genshin Impact version 3.0 will go live August 23, or August 24 depending on time zone, and we’ve got everything you need to know about the update, including our recommendations for a Tighnari build the upcoming character banners, Dendro reaction details, and much more.