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Watch a recap of your Genshin Impact journey to earn free Primogems

A new Genshin Impact web event allows players to earn a decent amount of Primogems after looking back at their personal experiences in the anime RPG

Watch a recap of your Genshin Impact journey to earn free Primogems: anime guy in a suit holding a cup

HoYoverse is continuing to celebrate Genshin Impact’s second anniversary by allowing players to look back at their personal journeys in the anime RPG to earn more free Primogems and other in-game rewards. HoYoverse is already commemorating the occasion in several ways, and this new Canvas of Starlight Memories web event is just adding to an ever-growing list.

Canvas of Starlight Memories begins with the start of Genshin Impact 3.1 and will last until October 12, so players have plenty of time to obtain all of the available rewards. Simply head over to the event’s official web page to get started on your journey. Alternatively, you can also use the Special Event tab in-game, which will also take you straight to the same page.

You’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 10 or higher to participate. If you meet the requirements, select “Start Drawing,” then click on the different chapters on the page to view personal travel memories and interesting stats from your the journey in Teyvat. After viewing the memories, chests will appear that can be opened to receive various rewards.

Once you’ve gone through and completed the event, you can also share memories with other players to earn even more Primogems and in-game rewards. More items can be obtained by clicking on another person’s memories as well, so be sure to share and use others’ links after the event to get as many prizes as possible.

A total of 180 Primogems, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 40,000 Mora, and three Cecilia, Qingxin, Sakura Bloom, and Sumeru Rose each can be earned by participating in Canvas of Starlight Memories.

Those who want more free Primogems and in-game materials can dive into the new content for Genshin Impact 3.1, which just recently went live. HoYoverse has already sent some anniversary Primos to players via the in-game mailbox, and several new events with more rewards are on their way to the game as well in the near future.