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The richest Genshin Impact player earned 614 million Mora in a year

HoYoverse has released a special edition of Genshin Impact's Teyvat Times with several interesting stats from players of the anime RPG all around the world

The richest Genshin Impact player earned 614 million Mora in a year: anime girl with white hair holding palace

HoYoverse has released a special edition of the Teyvat Times to mark Genshin Impact’s second anniversary. In this edition of the anime RPG‘s fictional publication, we get to see several stats from the America, Europe, Asia, and TW, HK, MO servers that HoYoverse tracked over the course of this past year. One of the most eye-opening stats states that the richest in-game player has managed to earn 614,680,333 Mora since September 2021.

The amount of time (and Resin) it would take to amass that much Mora is tough to even estimate. And coincidentally, HoYoverse also shared a stat about the player who spent the most time in-game over that same time frame. One dedicated player spent 8,124 hours exploring Teyvat during that year-long period, which translates to about 338 days out of 365. These two players might just be the same person.

Teyvat Times Vol. 5 also contains several other fun facts from the community that put a spotlight on those who have put plenty of time into certain crafts over the past year. For example, the ‘King of the Woods’ is a player who has gathered a total of 206,641 pieces of wood, while the ‘King of the Kitchen’ has cooked 177, 256 dishes, and the best player at Genshin Impact’s fishing system among us caught a total of 34,059 fish.

When looking at combat statistics, the Cryo Regisvine is the boss that players defeated the most, while Azhdaha is the boss that defeated the most players. Neither of those facts is surprising though, as players tend to test out builds on the Regisvine, and Azhdaha is just plain difficult.

The most wholesome stats have to do with players helping each other out. One hero in the community helped 9,658 other players during the year, and somehow, they even managed to help out 185 other players in a single day at one point.

It’s nice to look back on everything that’s happened since the last anniversary, but those who want to look forward can check out our coverage of Genshin Impact version 3.1, which includes upcoming character banners, anniversary rewards, and more.