Genshin Impact leak lists several events coming in version 3.1

The latest Genshin Impact leak gives us a sneak peek at a few of the in-game events that'll arrive in the anime RPG's version 3.1 update later this month


A new Genshin Impact leak shows off several major events that HoYoverse is planning to add to the RPG with the version 3.1 update. It seems that players can look forward to four new Genshin Impact events, alongside two new bosses and the Sumeru desert map expansion that’s already been teased. For now, it looks as though the events are Song of the Cups, Wind Chaser, Star-Seeker’s Sojourn, and Hyakunin Ikki.

The leak is actually a short video clip that comes from a YouTuber named Ruri. In it, they scroll down the in-game Events Overview page for version 3.1. Outside of the names, the visuals also provide hints at what the events will entail.

Song of the Cups, for instance, is likely the biggest event of the bunch, as it has a Festive Fever meter, similar to what appears for the annual Lantern Rite. Festive Fever meters usually indicate that the event is comprised of several small challenges or mini-games that need to be completed in order to make progress and earn rewards. There’s also an Event Story tab, which suggests that notable characters will show up in the event’s plotline. If previous 3.1 leaks are correct, Venti and Eula should both make appearances.


The description for Wind Chaser mentions a mysterious new Domain, so that one may be a kind of combat challenge. Though, ‘wind chaser’ implies that gliders will be used in some sort of course. On the other hand, Star-Seeker’s Sojourn gives the impression that it’ll focus on exploration in Sumeru because of its mention of outdoor adventure.

Finally, Hyakunin Ikki is a returning event that tasks players with using different character pairings to complete combat challenges, so most longtime fans will remember this one.

As for the bosses, it seems like two Ruin enemies are coming — the Perpetual Motion Dragon and the Control Matrix. The latter looks completely new while the former looks similar to the flying Ruin enemies in Sumeru. These two bosses will likely drop ascension materials for upcoming roster additions Cyno, Nilou, and Candace, so check out our other version 3.1 coverage to learn more about them.