The best Kazuha build in Genshin Impact

We've put together some top tips for developing the best Genshin Impact Kazuha build, focusing on elemental mastery and DPS setups for the Anemo user

Kazuha is assuming a battle stance with his sword.

Want to know what the best Kazuha build is in Genshin Impact? Kazuha first arrived in the Genshin Impact 1.6 update, and features in one of the current Genshin Impact banners. He is an Anemo Sword user originally from the Inazuma region. His role in your party will likely be as a sub-DPS that has the potential to dish out tons of damage in short bursts, so long as you have the correct builds.

What’s most exciting about Kazuha’s abilities is his Ketsuseki Haku constellation. It gives Kazuha an Anemo Infusion for five seconds after using either his elemental skill or elemental burst attacks, while also buffing his normal, charged, and both plunging attacks by 0.2% for every point in elemental mastery. You essentially trigger elemental reactions often, and your damage will scale up as you invest points into elemental mastery, so before long he’ll become a bit of a powerhouse. Read on for more on how to develop the best Kazuha build.

Best Kazuha build

The best Kazuha elemental mastery build is:

  • Sword: Freedom-Sworn
  • Artifacts: Viridescent Venerer (four-set)

Kazuha is the poster child for a really powerful combination of weapons and artifacts. When used with the Ketsuseki Haku constellation, we highly recommend at least considering Kazuha’s signature weapon: the Freedom-Sworn. It’s got elemental mastery as a secondary, increases damage by 10%, and grants a Sigil of Rebellion when the weapon triggers elemental reactions.

When you have two sigils, they are consumed, and provide all nearby party members with a buff that increases normal, charged, and plunging attack damage by 10% and increases attack by 20%.

Kazuha is attacking multiple enemies with an attack bolstered by an elemental mastery build.

Otherwise, the Iron Sting is one of the best free weapons for Kazuha, as it gives bonus elemental damage and has elemental mastery as its secondary stat. For five-star weapons, we think the Skyward Blade would be useful for energy recharge, and for four-star, the Alley Flash scales elemental mastery. Festering Desire or Sacrificial Sword are also good choices.

As for the best artifacts for this build, we recommend the Viridescent Venerer four-set, which increases swirl damage by 60%, and decreases the opponent’s elemental resistance to the element infused in the swirl by 40% by ten seconds. You can also opt to use the Viridescent Venerer two-set with either the Wanderer’s Troupe two-set for an extra 80 points in elemental mastery, or the Noblesse Oblige two-set to grant a 20% buff to elemental burst damage. For individual items, focus on building elemental mastery even further where you can, though he’ll not do much damage outside of elemental reactions.

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Kazuha DPS build

The best Kazuha DPS build is:

  • Sword: Black Sword
  • Artifacts: Viridescent Venerer (two-set) + Gladiator’s Finale (two-set)

If you’d rather focus on building Kazuha as a pure DPS character, the weapon of choice here is the Black Sword. It increases damage dealt by normal and charged attacks by 30% while additionally regenerating health equal to 80% of his attack stat when either a normal or charged attack hits with a critical hit. The effect may only happen once every five seconds, but it keeps him in the fight longer.  The Harbinger of Dawn would be a good alternative sword for a DPS Kazuha, as it increases his crit rate by 14% when his HP is above 90%.

The artifacts selection is a combination of the aforementioned Viridescent Venerer two-set with its 15% Anemo damage bonus, and the Gladiator’s Finale two-set that grants Kazuha an extra 18% attack. Try to focus on equipping individual items that increase both his anemo damage bonus and crit damage, though items that raise his attack percentage and HP are always welcome.

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And those are the best Genshin Impact Kazhua builds. Genshin Impact 2.8 is here and Kazhua’s banner rerun is live, and there are plenty of other new Genshin Impact characters to look forward to in Genshin Impact 3.0. We’ve got plenty of Genshin Impact codes for those free primogems as well.