Genshin Impact leak provides new info on PvP card game mode

This new Genshin Impact leak gives us a few gameplay details about the permanent card game that's expected to arrive in version 3.1 of the anime RPG

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It’s still hard to believe that HoYoverse is looking to add a whole card game to their popular RPG, but another new Genshin Impact leak is providing even more information that’s difficult to overlook. Well-known leaker Mero, is back at it again after initially revealing that a Genshin Impact card game would be on the way after the version 3.0 update. At the time, all we knew was that the mode may include PvP and that Battle Pass EXP could be earned. This time, they’ve listed several notable tidbits in a Twitter thread.

Mero’s leak suggests that the trading card game will bring online matchmaking and have its own weekly commissions to complete. These features are unlocked after reaching level two in the card game, and the max level for the card game will reportedly be level 10, at least initially. Each level gained will increase the number of decks that a player can have.

The tweets explain some of the gameplay functions as well. At the beginning of each card game, players will choose their character, and the main objective is to defeat each card character that an opponent has, one by one. So, it seems as though each deck is filled with character-based cards and the goal is to take them all out.

A player will roll dice at the beginning of each turn to determine how much Energy they gain in order to use skills, just like in regular combat. Like Pokemon, characters can be switched out, but it’ll cost you one point of Energy to do so. Strangely enough, though, the ‘T’ in trading card game doesn’t apply here as players aren’t able to trade cards with one another.

Mero is often correct with their leaks, but do keep in mind that anything revealed this early is usually subject to change and can be different from what appears down the line.

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