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Genshin Impact leak suggests permanent card game mode coming in 3.1

A recent Genshin Impact leak points to HoYoverse adding a new card game to the RPG as a permanent mode in the upcoming version 3.1 update

A woman wearing blue sits on steps, rolling dice in her hand

A new Genshin Impact leak points to HoYoverse adding a card game mode sometime after the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. Prominent Genshin leaker Mero recently stated that a Genshin Impact trading card game will be introduced to the popular RPG as a permanent mode in version 3.1. They also suggest that the card game will support PvE and possibly even PvP gameplay, which would be a first for Genshin Impact, and could be a notable step toward some meaningful endgame content being added to the game, which is notoriously dry once you finish the current round of Archon quests.

Mero goes on to say that the card game will provide a new source of Battle Pass experience, which theoretically would allow players to get to level 50 even faster. Weekly card games against NPCs will be made available once the mode is added, so the Battle Pass EXP will likely come from weekly challenges and rewards.

The arrival of this new source of Battle Pass EXP coincides with HoYoverse’s decision to shorten the upcoming versions by one week each, effectively giving players less time to complete the pass and pull for new characters on upcoming banners. The new card game should help even out the shorter durations, especially since it’s rumoured to be permanent even beyond the first few Sumeru updates.

No other information was provided about the new mode but, of course, Genshin Impact fans won’t miss an opportunity to crack a few jokes. There are plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh! references in on  Reddit in response to Mero’s leak about the card game, given Cyno‘s pharaoh-like appearance and the fact that the desert is likely to become available in version 3.1 as well.

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