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Genshin Impact leak reveals Sumeru’s onion-like Tree of Dreams

This Genshin Impact leak reveals Sumeru's version of Inazuma's Sacred Sakura tree, and to our surprise, HoYoverse made it look like a giant onion

Genshin Impact leak: A Sumeru character stands near the harbor of Sumeru city

Another day, another Genshin Impact leak, and this one’s rather interesting. The latest leak reveals a certain tree in Sumeru that players will likely visit frequently once Genshin Impact 3.0 and the vast new region go live. Leaker uncle_chibi uploaded images to Twitter that show off Sumeru’s Tree of Dreams, which seems to have the same function as the Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma and Dragonspine’s Frostbearing Tree.

Exchanging sigils for rewards is always a good thing, but of course, Genshin fans seem to be focusing more on the tree’s onion-like appearance than anything else. Fans took to a Reddit thread to make all kinds of vegetable-related jokes about the leek — er leak — and yes, there’s already a Shrek joke in the mix.


Ogres and onions aside, a new special tree is no joke. Players offer up their Electro Sigils, earned from opening treasure chests, to Inazuma’s Sacred Sakura tree in order to receive various rewards, such as Primogems, Fates for wishes, talent books, Crowns, and other useful items. According to the leak, the Tree of Dreams will exchange Dendro Sigils for rewards. If we look at past experiences, we probably acquire sigils whenever we open new chests — and there will surely be a ton of new chests to open — and, if Liyue is any indication, we may find them in the wild as well.


Genshin Impact’s treasure chests are fine, but they usually don’t contain that much attractive loot. Getting sigils to trade for something even better makes tracking them down and opening them much more enjoyable.

Uncle_chibi’s also give us a look at some of the name card rewards that seem to be related to the Tree of Dreams. If our speculation is correct, the tree should level up as it gains more Dendro Sigils, just like the other two trees, which will produce rewards that can include profile name cards.

You can check out the leaks for yourself on uncle_chibi’s Twitter page.

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