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Genshin Impact Mika VA explains the character’s recent voice change

Genshin Impact's Mika has gone through a slight voice change since his debut in version 3.1, and his English voice actor explains why that is.

Genshin Impact Mika VA explains the character's recent voice change: anime boy with blonde hair holding a crossbow

A recent Genshin Impact Mika trailer has players asking questions about the character’s English voice, and his voice actor, Robb Moreira, has stepped up to respond to those concerns. There’s a bit of a difference in Mika’s voice when comparing his debut in version 3.1 to the newest trailer that dropped before the second half of the anime game‘s version 3.5 update. But Moreira gives us a little insight into why this is the case.

Mika has always sounded timid, which is the first impression he gives you when he steps forward to read Varka’s letter in the Knights of Favonius headquarters in Mondstadt, during version 3.1. But his actual voice itself seems to be slightly altered in his newest gameplay trailer.

In his trailer, Mika talks about his passion for cartography and map creation in a much happier tone, which may be why some players find it jarring. We’ve never really heard Mika sound enthusiastic like that before.

Moreira has responded to a few fans on Twitter with explanations, following a bit of uproar. They believe he sounds far too nerdy now, but Moreira says that this is what Mika usually sounds like – he was simply nervous and “not in his element” when addressing a room full of knights next to Jean, the acting Grand Master.

Genshin Impact Mika VA explains the character's recent voice change: anime boy with blond hair reading a letter next to a woman

Moreira has even replied to the more aggressive fan comments, saying that “not everything jives with everyone and that’s totally cool.” In fact, he’s been pointing those naysayers in the direction of the Japanese VA, Sanpei Yukohoping that they’ll enjoy her performance more.

The Genshin Impact version 3.5 update goes live in about 24 hours, so you’ll be able to hear Moreira’s full voice acting performance as Mika if you manage to get him while pulling on the Ayaka or Shenhe character banners.