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Genshin Impact rhythm game offers free primogems, but not for long

Genshin Impact's newest rhythm game web event for the anime game's Sumeru OST offers players the chance to earn new, limited Primogem codes upon completion.

Genshin Impact rhythm game web event offers limited Primogem codes: anime girl with red hair and headdress

This new Genshin Impact web event is a rhythm game that coincides with the recent release of the anime game‘s second Sumeru OST album, and you can participate to get a Primogem code. The event is titled Chords of the Forest, and you’ll want to complete it as soon as possible because the codes are limited. It’s only a small amount, but there’s no reason to turn down easy ways to make gems through minimal effort.

Chords of the Forest starts today and lasts until April 27, but those five million 40 Primogem codes may not last for a whole week if you take too long. To participate, you’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 10 or higher, and each UID can only receive a single code.

There are five songs to play through, and the game will provide prompts for which notes you need to hit as the songs play – it should all feel very standard for anyone who has played any kind of rhythm game before.

Head over to the official Chords of the Forest event page to participate. After you’ve completed the songs, you’ll be prompted to share the event to get your code. But you really only have to acquire the link – you won’t be forced to actually share it anywhere.

Genshin Impact rhythm game web event offers limited Primogem codes: musical note prompts in front of background art

The songs all come from the second Sumeru OST album, which was released on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) earlier this week. It contains fan favourites like Scaramouche’s boss theme and the Sumeru desert combat tracks.

Genshin Impact version 3.6 has been live for about a week now and has already introduced us to even more catchy tunes from the new OST for the Girdle of the Sands map expansion.

Be sure to do the new Khvarena of Good and Evil world quest and get the Sorush gadget if you want to hear all of the new music.