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Genshin Impact Primogems up for grabs in version 3.2 TikTok event

Genshin Impact Primogems are up for grabs in a new version 3.2 TikTok event, where the winner will win 6,000 primos for videos inspired by the anime RPG game

Genshin Impact TikTok event offers up to 6,000 Primogems: anime girl with red hair and blue eyes

A new Genshin Impact TikTok event is asking players to create videos about their experiences in the anime RPG for a chance to win up to 6,000 Primogems. This is worth checking out if you have a TikTok account, as even players who don’t win the top prizes will receive Primogem rewards. The event went live alongside version 3.2, and it will last until November 16. The winners will be announced on December 10.

To enter this Genshin Impact version 3.2 contest, you’ll need to post short videos with specific hashtags while using the three event topics as guidelines for the video content. Each of the three topics has a corresponding hashtag that it needs to be posted with.

The first topic is the Genshin Impact story. For this one, players need to draw or write down their favourite story from the game, then post it to TikTok with the ‘#Genshin32’ hashtag.

The second topic asks players to post a video about their favourite characters in the game while using the ‘#DreamWith(insert character’s name here)’ hashtag. So, if my favourite character is Hu Tao – which she is – I’d use the ‘#DreamWithHuTao’ hashtag.

The third and final topic has to do with tips. For this one, players should make a video that shares specific strategy guides or tutorials using the ‘#GenshinImpactTips’ or ‘#GenshinImpactTutorial’ hashtags. You can have a look at the event’s web page for more info on all three video topics.

The event’s Primogem rewards are split into three different categories, and here’s how they’ll be distributed:

Most-Viewed Videos:

  • Top 1-30 – 6,000 Primogems
  • Top 31-80 – 4,00 Primogems
  • Top 81-150 – 2,000 Primogems

Most-Liked Videos:

  • Top 1-20 – 5,000 Primogems
  • Top 21-50 – 3,200 Primogems
  • Top 51-100 – 1,600 Primogems

Videos With the Best Interactions:

  • Top 1-20 – 5,000 Primogems
  • Top 21-50 – 3,200 Primogems
  • Top 51-100 – 1,600 Primogems

As you can see, plenty of Primogems are being handed out to quite a few winners. If you’re looking for other ways to earn Primos, be sure to check out how many Primogems you can get in version 3.2, especially now that the Dendro Archon, Nahida, has arrived.