Genshin Impact update finally adds icons to indoor teleport waypoints

The latest Genshin Impact update has provided a perfect quality-of-life feature by adding elevation markers to all underground teleport waypoints

Genshin Impact update finally adds icons to indoor teleport waypoints: anime boy with green eyes looking at firefly

The latest Genshin Impact update has added a highly-requested quality-of-life feature, as icons now let players know whether or not a teleport waypoint is located indoors or outdoors. Players who have explored Sumeru to unlock all of its waypoints know that this change is a godsend. The anime game‘s forest and desert regions are full of large underground pathways containing waypoints that would often cause players to accidentally warp themselves into tombs or ruins.

This adjustment comes at the perfect time because a whole new section of the Sumeru desert has also been added in Genshin Impact version 3.4. The Desert of Hadramaveth is the second Sumeru desert expansion, and it’ll serve explorers well to know where to look for the new teleport waypoints.

Prior to this update, players would have to simply remember which teleport waypoints were located underground and which ones were not.

This would become a bit frustrating when trying to complete daily commissions only to find that the game placed you much farther from the objective than you had anticipated. The update also provides icons for domains, including the ones that have yet to be activated.

Genshin Impact update finally adds icons to indoor teleport waypoints: map full of icons and images

As you can see in the image above, the markers say in their description that the waypoints are located in ‘non-outdoor areas,’ and there are a few of these found in the new Desert of Hadramaveth. Tighnari is still the only Sumeru character with a passive that helps during exploration, so you may want to bring him along if you plan on exploring the new area.

However, version 3.4 has also introduced two new characters with today’s update. The Alhaitham banner is now available along with Xiao as the second five-star choice and Yaoyao as the four-star newcomer. This trio will be followed by Hu Tao and Yelan in the second half of version 3.4.