Genshin Impact leaked voice line has Childe talking about Harbingers

Childe goes down the list of every Fatui Harbinger and lets us know how he feels about each one of them in new, unreleased voice lines from version 2.8

Genshin Impact voice line leak: the 11 Hatui Harbingers stand around an ornate rectangular table

The official Genshin Impact YouTube account recently released a video that reveals all of the remaining Fatui Harbingers. This is the first time that we’re seeing designs and hearing voices for several of these characters, so this new audio leak has come just in time for fans who are looking for even more specifics. The leak lets us hear several new Childe voice lines coming in version 2.8 that focus on the other Fatui Harbingers.

In each voice line, Childe gives his thoughts on one of the members of the mysterious group. There are 11 Fatui Harbingers in total and, in the image above, from right to left, the Harbingers are Dotore, Pantalone, Arlecchino, Tartaglia (Childe), Pierro, Damslette, Pulcinella, Marionette, and Capitano. Scaramouche is off wandering Teyvat alone, and those who have completed Inazuma’s main Archon questline know that Signora is inside the silver and gold coffin in the middle of the room.

YouTuber Shakon put all of the leaked voice lines together in one video with subtitles, making it easy to see who Childe is talking about. You can listen to the full leak right here:

YouTube Thumbnail

The info from the voice lines ranges from interesting little tidbits to relatively important character details. For example, Childe states that the Fatui Harbingers are ranked by strength, remarking that Damslette is third in that power ranking. Though, he then goes on to say that he has no idea why she’s placed that high. He also mentions that Pulcinella treats him well and takes care of his family while he’s away from home.

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