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Genshin Impact 3.0 Dendro element explained in Sumeru teaser

A new developer video goes into detail on the new Genshin Impact 3.0 Dendro element that will be joining the open-world free game with upcoming location Sumeru

Genshin Impact 3.0 Dendro element explained - a floating green dendro seed

Hoyoverse has now released a new Sumeru teaser video featuring several of the anime game’s developers explaining the Geshin Impact 3.0 Dendro element. This isn’t the first we’ve seen of Dendro – with several notable leaks occurring in recent weeks – but this more official look breaks down some of the design process that went into implementing it into the open-world game. The element is described as the “last piece of the puzzle in Genshin Impact’s seven element system,” and the team at Hoyoverse says that it was built very much with synergy in mind.

Genshin Impact combat designer Aquaria points to three key terms that directed the design of the Dendro element – “catalysis, wisdom, and life.” The Greek term ‘dendro’ means tree, which helps to convey that sense of growth and nature that Hoyoverse seems to be aiming for. Dendro is already present in Genshin Impact and is used for items such as grass, shrubs, and wooden barrels – all of which react to Pyro elemental attacks by burning, as you might expect. It’s also applied to several enemies with wooden shields that can be burnt away, as well the shy, overgrown Dendro slimes.

The arrival of the Sumeru region for update 3.0 brings with it playable new Dendro characters who will be able to wield the element themselves. For Hoyoverse, this meant designing new reactions to encourage players to utilise Genshin Impact’s elemental synergies. Aquaria talks about how previous synergies such as Electro-Charged (the combination of Hydro and Electro to charge up and continuously zap wet enemies) are often based on everyday phenomena, but also combine their aspects – in this case, the recovery of Hydro and the energy of Electro.

Similarly, Hoyoverse is introducing two new reactions for Genshin Impact 3.0 – Bloom and Catalyze. Bloom combines Hydro with Dendro’s catalysis aspect, and as you might expect is designed around the concept of flowers blooming. Catalyze is described as “a completely original effect” that combines Electro’s energy with Dendro’s wisdom aspect. The team is remaining quiet on the exact specifics of the reactions for now, though the video does feature footage teasing both in action.

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Additionally, says combat designer Yangshen, the Sumeru region introduces a new concept called ‘polymorphic transformation’ that will allow players to interact with Dendro-aligned objects in the environment in different ways by applying either Hydro, Pyro, or Electro to them. Similarly, certain Dendro enemies will transform to different states when affected by certain other elements. This both alters their possible attack patterns and can change the materials they drop when defeated – meaning that you’ll have to employ specific elements if you want to get your hands on some of the rarer special materials.

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The Hoyoverse team says players will have to wait to discover more for themselves when the Genshin Impact 3.0 release date rolls around. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact character tier list to keep up-to-date on the free-to-play game’s current power levels. In other Genshin-related news, one fan recently recreated Diluc’s new outfit in the style of Mega Man, if you fancy seeing a slightly different take on the Pyro specialist.