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How to use the Gotham Knights smoke bomb

Use a Gotham Knights smoke bomb if you’re ever caught by enemies and want to make a quick getaway so you can have another go at a stealthy takedown

Gotham Knights smoke bomb: Robin is perched on top of a spire looking over the city. The GCN transmission tower is in the distance.

Want to know how to use a Gotham Knights smoke bomb? You’d think this would be one of the Gotham Knights abilities you need to unlock with specific characters. But, as it turns out, all four Gotham Knights characters can use this technique. Much like the Dark Knight, his proteges can take a leaf out of the Batman Arkham series of superhero games by springing the element of surprise.

Smoke bombs are especially useful when you accidentally make a blunder and get spotted by enemies. They allow you to escape in a cloud of smoke, leaving your foes bewildered, while you reposition and plan your second attempt at taking foes down without being seen. Here’s everything you need to know about a Gotham Knights smoke bomb.

Gotham Knights smoke bomb: Robin using a smoke bomb and grapple to escape from enemies.

How to use a smoke bomb in Gotham Knights

You need to hold down the hook shot button to use a Gotham Knights smoke bomb. By default, this is the F key on PC. Doing so will automatically cloud the area in a thick fog as you zip away, allowing you to escape detection. Don’t move around too much after doing this, or be somewhere where enemies can easily spot you, and your pursuers should lose track of your position. You can practice doing this in the Stealth basic training module at the Belfry.

So what is the advantage of using a smoke bomb? If you’re up against particularly bothersome enemies, such as the Regulator’s Drone Operators, you can take them out by ambushing them once every foe has lost sight of you. If you’re playing as Robin, smoke bombs are an essential tool for flummoxing the larger enemies, as you can use one of his abilities to perform a takedown.

That’s everything about Gotham Knights smoke bombs you should know about, but it’s far from the only question that needs answering. We have the info you’re looking for if you want to know how to fast travel or how to fuse Gotham Knights mods, as well as all of the street art, landmark, and Batarang locations in the game.