GTA 6 comes to Los Santos with this new GTA 5 mod

With the GTA 6 launch still a long way off, protagonist Lucia comes to Los Santos in a new GTA 5 mod that shows Rockstar’s progress.

GTA 6 protagonist Lucia comes to GTA 5 - A yong woman wearing a red bandana across her nose and mouth.

GTA 6 has arrived early, at least in spirit, courtesy of a new GTA 5 mod that brings upcoming protagonist Lucia to the second best-selling game of all time. Rockstar’s behemoth is over a decade old now, and while this addition is a fun little early taste of what’s to come from the long-awaited next Grand Theft Auto game, it’s also a welcome reminder of just how far videogames have come as we book our tickets to Vice City.

With the numerous official re-releases from Rockstar and a steady stream of the best GTA 5 mods polishing it to a modern-day sheen, it can be easy to forget that the vast open-world crime game first launched in September 2013. Yet all these years later, GTA 5 remains a bastion of gaming, and is still consistently found in the top ten Valve chart of the most-played Steam games.

With the GTA 6 release date still likely a full year out – and perhaps more like two years for those of us on PC – it falls to modders to keep us busy in the meantime. Enter ‘Sergio Van Dyk mods,’ who brings us their Grand Theft Auto 5 take on one of its sequel’s two protagonists, Lucia. Perhaps more impressive than that simple model replacement, however, is their take on the GTA 6 trailer, remade entirely within GTA5, which you can watch below.

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It’s actually a very impressive shot-for-shot recreation of the official trailer, and one I have to imagine must have taken quite some time to put together. Nevertheless, just seeing the two side-by-side really reinforces what a leap we can expect from the Rockstar sequel in terms of its character models, environments, lighting, and animations. It can be easy to lose sight of the leap in technology when you only see it move day-to-day, but such a direct comparison brings things into stark clarity.

If you want to invite Lucia into your own Los Santos in GTA 5’s single-player mode, you can do so right here. Note that this is an NPCs replacement mod, and isn’t designed for use in GTA Online or on roleplay and modding servers such as FiveM.

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