GTA Online weekly update is a great time to hit the nightclub

The GTA Online weekly update for August 31 to September 7 is here, with big boosts to nightclub management along with plenty of discounts and bonuses.

The GTA Online weekly update for August 31 to September 7 is here, and this week is all about clubbing. With a focus on boosts for all manner of nightclub rewards and a huge discount on getting into the business, those of you playing Rockstar’s multiplayer game mode for GTA 5 this week will want to make sure to hit the clubs. Maybe all that partying can help pass the time as we await the GTA 6 release date, at least.

There’s currently a 40% discount on buying a nightclub, so if you’ve been holding off on one then now’s the time – you’ll also get the same savings on any renovations, modifications, or upgrades you fancy. With triple the daily income and double boosts to sell and management missions from your nightclub, you’ll want to take advantage right at the start of the week if you’re looking to maximize those profits.

To help celebrate the occasion, simply popping a bottle of champagne will net you a free Blêuter’d Tee, while you can earn the Pinned Flames livery for the Vapid Clique Wagon as a bonus for completing both a nightclub management mission and a nightclub source mission.

Speaking of freebies, the GTA Online podium car this week is the Benefactor Schlagen GT – this Mercedes-inspired, sleek two-door sports car would typically set you back a rather hefty $1,300,000 GTA dollars, so spin that Diamond Casino wheel and see if you get lucky.

The GTA Online prize ride is the Pegassi Infernus; a personal favorite of mine for its resemblance to the real-life Lamborghini Gallardo, you can save the $440,000 price tag on this classic supercar with a simple top four place in LS Car Meet races for two days running.

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GTA Online weekly update – August 31 to September 7, 2023

Dealership Cars

Luxury Autos

  • Declasse Scramjet
  • Pegassi Tezeract

Simeon’s Auto Shop

  • Declasse Lifeguard
  • Declasse Tulip
  • Lampadati Viseris
  • Übermacht Zion Classic
  • Weeny Issi Sport

Free Gifts

  • GTA Online podium car: Benefactor Schlagen GT
  • GTA Online prize ride: Pegassi Infernus
  • Blêuter’d Tee: Use a bottle of champagne
  • Vapid Clique Wagon Pinned Flames livery: Complete a Nightclub management mission and a Nightclub source mission

GTA Online weekly update - A blue Benefactor Schlagen GT, based on the real-life Mercedes-AMG GT.

GTA Online bonus rewards

  • 3x GTA$ and RP rewards from Nightclub daily income
  • 2x GTA$ and RP rewards from Nightclub sell missions
  • 2x popularity boost for Nightclub management missions
  • 2x GTA$ and RP rewards from Trading Places (Remix)
  • 2x GTA$, RP, and AP rewards from Arena War Series

GTA Online discounts

50% off

  • Übermacht Zion
  • Vapid Festival Bus

40% off

  • Nightclubs (and upgrades)
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte
  • Canis Freecrawler
  • Declasse Impaler
  • Declasse Impaler Arena variants
    • Apocalypse
    • Future Shock
    • Nightmare
  • Declasse Lifeguard
  • Declasse Tulip
  • HVY Menacer
  • Pegassi Tezeract

30 % off

  • Declasse Scramjet

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