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Rumored GTA 6 actor’s latest tease features lead GTA 5 actor

Rumored GTA 6 actor Bryan Zampella, speculated to play Jason in the Rockstar Games epic, is joined by GTA 5 Franklin actor Shawn Fonteno in his latest video.

GTA 6 tease features GTA 5 lead actor - Franklin Clinton in Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA 6 die-hards will already be well familiar with the antics of Bryan Zampella. ‘The Z Man,’ as he likes to be known, is still unconfirmed as the star of one of the most anticipated upcoming games of all time. A lack of concrete evidence, however, hasn’t stopped him from delivering yet another GTA 6 tease – and this time he’s joined by an actual Rockstar Games name, GTA 5 Franklin actor Shawn Fonteno.

In a short film posted to his Instagram account titled ‘Dead Drop,’ Bryan Zampella, who has been heavily rumored to be taking on the role of Jason in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, is seen pursuing a mysterious briefcase. Sporting the Hawaiian shirt that has become his trademark in these teasers (no doubt a nod to Vice City), Zampella is shown talking to a tied up hostage before getting into a fight with a pilot, who is apparently a rather incompetent hitman.

Before he takes off with his newfound prize, Fonteno shows up, baffled to discover that the person he thought was his pilot is actually an impostor. The pair chat to another figure in a flat cap and tracksuit, who tells Zampella that “The druids are coming for the blast crew.” Then they leave on a flight, where curiosity gets the better of them and they open the briefcase.

“I haven’t figured out everything, but what I do know is that this is the most powerful and dangerous thing I’ve ever encountered,” Zampella says as he gestures to the briefcase. As they crack open the case, Fonteno exclaims, “Aww, hell naw” in his very best Franklin voice.

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The post is just the latest in a long string of teases, which have seen him joined by a former Rockstar developer and standing on the beach wearing the outfit that GTA 6 protagonist Jason was seen wearing in leaked footage. While this latest collaboration with Fonteno is perhaps the closest to actual GTA Zampella’s posts have gotten, it’s still far from any confirmation. We can’t imagine it’d be too difficult to convince Fonteno to join in on the fun.

Without any word from Rockstar Games, it’s best to assume for now that Zampella is simply having fun with the vagueness of the whole situation. Perhaps he is the guy – or perhaps he isn’t, and Rockstar is letting him carry on as a convenient distraction from the truth. Only one thing is for sure: we’ll find out in due time.

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