Halo Infinite is “ready to go” for spring 2021, says Master Chief actor

All the performances are done

We don’t yet have a concrete Halo Infinite release date, but one of the main mo-cap actors is confident the FPS game is locked for a spring 2021 release. As far as Bruce Thomas, the mo-cap performer for Master Chief, knows, the sequel will hit shelves in the first quarter of 2021.

Speaking to Dan Allen Gaming (via Reddit) about his work on Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, Thomas was asked about his time as Master Chief. Thomas has played Halo’s stalwart galactic hero from Halo 4 through to now, and at the end delivers an offhand status update that performances in Halo Infinite are done, and the game’s heading for an early 2021 release window.

“We have wrapped up Infinite, I believe, unless we’re going to try and do some more as the COVID comes to a halt,” Thomas says. “But as far as I know it’s in the can, and ready to go for next spring.” His comments aren’t a full commitment, and he leaves the window open for developer 343 Industries to call him back in, but it sounds like everything that was scripted has been performed, meaning there’s probably not any drastic changes on the drawing board.

Halo Infinite was revealed during the summer to a mixed reception. A delay was announced in August, and we haven’t had a huge amount of updates since. 343 is trying to remedy that, promising to be more communicative, though don’t expect anything at this year’s Game Awards.

You can watch the clip below:

In an interview about BO: Cold War, the Mo-cap actor for Master chief brought up infinite. Did his final few words confirm a spring release? Or am I just super dumb? from r/halo

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