Halo Infinite is coming to Steam

It's not available to purchase or pre-order, but you can add it to your wish list

The next instalment in the Halo franchise will be up for purchase through Valve’s Steam store. Since Halo Infinite was revealed in 2018, we knew that the FPS game would be coming to PC, but details on the storefronts weren’t quite as clear.

The Halo Infinite Steam page is a tad bare right now, though that’s to be expected. No price or pre-order option is available though you can add the upcoming PC game to your wish list. Apart from that, it’s a pretty straightforward summary of what you’d expect from a Halo game. A campaign mode will see Master Chief battle grunts on a Halo ring, multiplayer returns though we’ll need to wait until a later date to see more, and the Forge mode is returning so players can get busy creating new maps and game modes – or in my case, Duck Hunt.

We got our first glimpse at some Halo Infinite gameplay last night and while it looks like classic Halo some things did stand out. The trailer makes it look like we’re getting a Halo Infinite open-word game, but 343’s Paul Crocker since clarified to us that it’s “somewhere between” that and traditional Halo. We also got a peep at Masterchief’s toolkit, which involves a grappling hook he can use to pull himself towards enemies or bring items to him.

Quite happily, we also spied a collection of Halo Infinite guns both old and new, which should lead to a decent mix between nostalgia and fresh weapons to try. I may even forgo going invisible and running around with a shotgun, or I won’t.

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The Halo Infinite release date is still a wee while away. If you need something to keep you busy in the meantime, though, then we’ve been rounding up the best new PC games in 2020, so there’s plenty you can pick there.