Halo modder remakes Mario Kart

Halo Kart uses Mario Kart 64 maps

We’ve a better chance of outrunning a blue shell than we do getting Mario Kart on PC. Modders have been stepping up to fill the gap, though, and the latest is Halo Kart.

Just as it says in the title, this mod is a version of Nintendo’s racing game built into the FPS games. When starting a race, players spawn in a lobby and have to enter the drivers seat of one of twelve mini-warthogs. Then you’re warped to the start line, on one of several courses based on Mario Kart 64. Tracks include some of Halo’s weapons, and the first to complete three laps wins.

A short clip was posted on Reddit XwiktorroX, showing a solitary Spartan in their tiny kart, doing a practice lap on Mario Speedway. With multiple players and weapons activated, you can play two-to-a-kart, and the standard physics of Halo multiplayer apply, chaotic explosions and flips and everything else intact. The mod was released last year by InfernoPlus, who you might remember from that Dark Souls x Halo mashup. You’ll need a valid copy of the first Halo, and then you can find full installation instructions here.

Here’s a clip:

In other Halo news, Zack Snyder’s Justice League has an incidental nod to the series, and a Halo TV show is due next year. The Halo Infinite release date is set for this year, but we don’t know much beyond that right now.