Harry Potter Magic Awakened best decks

If you can’t muster your own strategy, just look to the Harry Potter Magic Awakened best decks list below to start making wizarding waves.

The best Harry Potter Magic Awakened decks focus on buffing a summon such as this character with a dark brown hairstyle in a Hogwarts uniform

What is the best deck in Harry Potter Magic Awakened? We’ve been slinging cards for days and consulting the game’s soft launch community to find the best decks possible. From spammy summons to the strongest spells, you’ll be dueling your way to the big leagues with a properly synergized deck. But you’ll have to level up your cards and echoes, too.

Building decks isn’t the only thing we’ve been doing in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. To give some much-needed context and help you plan out your own decks, consider checking out the Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list. The card list is another good shout for learning how to deal with your opponent’s cards, with the latest Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes serving as a way to help you level up your favorites, too.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened best decks: Hogwarts looms eerily in a grey sky with some lights illuminating the castle

Best Harry Potter Magic Awakened decks

To keep things simple and interesting, we’ve compiled the best deck for each echo: that way you can quickly and easily put together a battle-ready deck that’s centered around your favorite character, or find one that focuses more on your preferred companion cards.

Because decks are relatively small, they’re rather self-explanatory once you understand how each card works with another. Practice truly makes perfect with these. To speed things along, we’ve even included a brief idea of the deck’s core strategy. How you adapt it to counter your opponent’s plays is entirely up to you.

Note that these decks are primarily focused on solo battles. They’ll work just fine in duo duels and Forbidden Forest runs, but they’re not tailor-made to deal with the unique situations you’ll encounter in those modes.

Echo Spells Companions Strategy
Newt Scamander Incendio, Niffler, Monster Book of Monsters, Baby Antipodean Opaleye, Fwoopers, Matagot, Bombastic Bomb Box, Ashwinder Cassandra Vole, Malfoy Gang, Troll, Grawp As you can imagine, a Newt deck can only go one way. With a multitude of low-cost summons, you’ll trigger his own pets, quickly overpowering any single-target strategy.
Severus Snape Piertotum Locomotor, Ventus, Swelling Solution, Expulso Weasleys Wildfire Whiz-Bangs, Atmospheric Charm, Inflatus, Bombastic Bomb Box Frey Twins, Ron Weasley, Lottie Turner By having every other attack become a powerful Sectumsempra, this Snape deck focuses on high-damage assaults and powerful DoT spells.
Harry Potter Expulso, Expelliarmus, Oppugno, Three-Headed Puppy, Ashwinder, Stupefy, Inflatus, Incendio, Hermione Granger, Lottie Turner, Robyn Thistlethwaithe This one demands spamming low-cost spells alongside Ashwinder to control the field, dropping Hermione and Three-Headed Puppy to deal big damage.
Dobby Bludger, Atmospheric Charm, Matagot, Incarcerous, Erumpent, Blast-Ended Skrewt, Niffler, Confringo Robyn Thistlethwaite, Ivy Warrington, Lottie Turner Focused on high mobility, this Dobby deck is best paired with control cards, pinning targets in place for a Bludger you can reliably rally with rapid teleports.
Rubeus Hagrid Niffler, Spiders, Bombastic Bomb Box, Episky, Essence of Dittany, Swelling Solution, Protego Diabolical, Three-Headed Puppy Ron Weasley, Malfoy Gang, Daniel Page Hagrid’s passive ability greatly benefits summons Keep the pressure on by pairing both Hagrid’s speed boosts and Bombastic Bomb Box with smaller monsters. Call on Three-Headed Puppy to deal with larger threats.
Weasley Twins Niffler, Inflatus, Incarcerous, Incendio, Howler, Aguamenti, Cornish Pixies, Glacius Maxima Malfoy Gang, Frey Twins, Rubeus Hagrid Running the Weasley Twins revolves around constant companion cards, pairing Malfoy Gang and Frey Twins with control spells to hammer your opponent.
Hermione Granger Incendio, Monster Book, Sectumsempra, Glacius, Piertotum Locomotor, Cornish Pixies, Thunderstorm Cassandra Vole, Ron Weasley, Malfoy Gang Hermoine requires plenty of low-cost spell casts to buff up your more potent powers. Keep that in mind.
Bellatrix Lestrange Monster Book, Cornish Pixies, Atmospheric Charm, Matagot, Fwoopers, Orb of Water, Stack of Monster Book of Monsters, Bombastic Bomb Box Ron Weasley, Frey Twins, Ivy Warrington Bellatrix benefits the spam build well. With a multitude of low-cost spells and monsters, you’ll pile on the pressure while quickly building her gauge.
Neville Longbottom Essence of Dittany, Occamy, Fire Crab, Oppugno, Unicorn, Matagot, Time-Turner, Norwegian Ridgeback Egg Hermione Granger, Daniel Page, Ron Weasley The basic idea here is to spam HP-focused Summons, pairing Time Turner with spells like Essence of Dittany to heal them up while Daniel Page and Hermione Granger patch things up further.

Remember: the best decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened are subject to your own account. If you don’t have your cards and Echoes leveled up, performance will obviously vary. Likewise, playing a top-tier deck won’t mean much if you don’t know how to effectively use the strategy they’re built around.

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