Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes November 2023

Get a step closer to that Ron Weasley duplicate with these Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes for the Wizarding World’s new TCG school adventure.

A Harry Potter Magic Awakened character stands beside Professor McGonagall who wears green robes and a witch hat

August 4, 2023: We’ve checked for any new Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes and confirmed the one we have still works.

What are the new Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes? You’re about to find out. The new mystical CCG adventure lets you live out your best life at Hogwarts, not only attending classes, but social clubs like a rhythm-based dance with the one and only Professor McGonagall. If you’re serious about your studies, you’ll want what these codes offer.

So what’s the whole point of Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes anyway? That’s easy. By keeping on top of the latest redeem offers, you’ll naturally have access to more Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards and in-game currencies than those who don’t, giving you more chances to find the best cards in the newest banners, building the best Harry Potter Magic Awakened decks, and seeing how your collection stacks up to the Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list as well.

New Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes

There are currently no active Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes.

We’ll be sure to update this list as soon as new codes come in.

Expired codes

The expired codes for Harry Potter Magic Awakened are:

  • HPMA6666
  • Harrypotter

HPMA codes are case-sensitive. If you’re encountering issues with working codes for Harry Potter Magic Awakened bouncing back as invalid, double-check for incorrect capitalization, sneaky spaces, typos, and numbers disguised as letters.

An in game interface for Harry Potter Magic Awakened shows a box to enter codes for freebies

How do I redeem Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes?

Here’s how to use Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes:

  • Open the game and progress through the campaign until you after the first duel.
  • Hold left Alt and click the cog in the bottom-left corner to access the settings menu.
  • Click the Other tab
  • In the Account section, click the Tap to Open button next to the Exchange Code section.
  • Enter the code and hit confirm.

Once you redeem your Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes, they will appear as messages in your in-game inbox. Click the Social tab at the bottom of the screen to open them. It will open straight to your inbox, where you can claim all your goodies.

How do I get more Harry Potter Magic Awakened codes?

Most games originally released on mobile have only a few places where codes are distributed: Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platform that’s currently popular: so Instagram and TikTok potentially.

They’ll be used a lot to post about new in-game events, packages, and issues, leading to lots of notification spam if you expect every post to include a new code.

Of course, if you don’t want to deal with the headache of checking multiple social media outlets for codes every few hours, you can bookmark our page, as we’ll update this list with every new code as soon as it’s released.

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