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Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list

Want to tailor the perfect HPMA deck around one or two specific spells? You can’t go wrong by starting with the Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list.

A character from Harry Potter Magic Awakened stands waving her wand casting a spell that shoots out a ball of yellow light

What are the best Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards? Though it depends on what exactly you’re looking to see the ranking of, we’ll have what you need down below. The CCG has a multitude of moving parts. Having one of the best cards in a deck full of lower-grade spells won’t do you any favors. And pairing the lot with the wrong Echo can cancel out the strengths of your strategy as well. A tier list can help to fix that by giving you a clear direction of what to aim for.

As we’ve said already, Harry Potter Magic Awakened has a lot of moving parts. To make the most of them, you’ll want to check out the best Magic Awakened decks to piece together. To make your own, the Magic Awakened cards list is a good place to start whether you’re building around your favorite card or trying to find some to pair with your best. Lastly, Magic Awakened codes, though rare, can get you the materials you’ll need to pull and upgrade the lot.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list

We’ve broken the Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list up into distinct sections: cards (like spells and summons), echoes, and companions. They’re the three main components of each deck. You’ll need to strike a balance between all three to make a dent in some late-game activities.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list: A wizard holds his wand high in the air as a huge wall of water cascades towards him

Spells and Summons

For the sake of keeping things neat and tidy, we’ve ranked only Mythic, Dark, Legendary, and Epic cards of the Spell and Summon variety. That’s already a large percentage of the card list, but it keeps naturally lower Common cards from over cluttering and complicating things.

Note that a card’s ranking is based on more than just potential strength; ease-of-use, pairing potential, and rarity all play a part as well. Here’s what to look out for:

Tier Spell or Summon
S Sectumsempra, Thunderstorm, Avada Kedavra, Phoenix, Orb of Water
A Crucio, Protego Diabolica, Confringo, Expelliarmus, Accio, Unicorn, Three-Headed Puppy, Stack of Monster Book of Monsters
B Incendio, Ventus, Bludger, Prior Incanto, Time Turner, Bombastic Bomb Box, Ashwinder
C Baby Antipodean Opaleye, Fiendfyre, Norwegian Ridgeback Egg, Glacius Maxima, Baby Manticores, Thunderbird, Occamy, Weasley’s Firework Box
D Piertotum Locomotor, Tebo, Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-Bangs, Niffler

A professor waves their arms in the air as they wonder if they make the Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list


Making up a smaller percentage of your overall deck, the three companions you toss in for good measure can make or break your entire strategy.

Like Summons, they’re excellent at pressuring your opponent, keeping the heat off you all the same. But some are inherently better than others in terms of both general useability and ease of access. Here are the best (and worst) of the lot:

Tier Companion
S Hermione Granger
A Ron Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid
B Drago Malfoy, Cassandra Vole, Robyn Thistlethwaite
C Frey Twins, Ivy Warrington, Daniel Page
D Lottie Turner, Grawp, Kevin Farrell

A character in Harry Potter Magic Awakened could make the tier list as she waves her wand with a dull blue light appearing


For parading around the Forbidden Forest specifically, you’ll want to build your deck around a specific Echo. These are amalgamations of famous characters from the franchise, who can augment your spells, summons, and companions in unique ways, amplifying their effects to open up new strategic possibilities while within the game’s wave-based challenge mode.

Netease is sure to add more over time, but here are the best you’ll want to get your hands on by then. You can upgrade them with repeated acquisitions as well, further boosting their potency:

Tier Echo
S Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape
A Newt Scamander, Hermione Granger
B Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter
C Neville Longbottom
D The Weasley Twins, Dobby

By keeping every aspect of a key deck in mind, you’ll go much further in Harry Potter Magic Awakened than most others. It’s as much a social experience as it is a competitive one, so there’s no harm in focusing one part of the game in favor of the other for a time.

We always recommend building a deck around your favorite card or character, but note that filling your deck with things you just like the look of won’t do as much good as a deck focused on complimenting one or two of your best cards. Figuring out where the fun lies for you is the main thing at the end of the day, however, so make use of the Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list in a way that suits your style.

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