All Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards

Flesh out your new deck ideas by building them around key characters, spells, or summons with this Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards list.

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What are all of the Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards? We’ve conjured up a list of all of the cards in the game. What purpose would it serve? Whether you memorize the whole list or reference it from time to time, the card list is a great starting point for a new deck. You can look up cards to build a new one around, or find a card that might complement your existing strategy.

Though it’s also great just for helping catalog your collection, above all else, the Harry Potter Magic Awakened card list is here to help you build a better deck. Further to that, check out the best Magic Awakened decks for inspiration, the Magic Awakened tier list to find single top-tier cards to focus your ideas on, and the latest Magic Awakened codes to help you get them.

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards

Here is a full list of all the Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards:

Card name Rarity Category
Ron Weasley Mythic and Dark Companion
Hermione Granger Legendary Companion
Malfoy Gang Legendary Companion
Lottie Turner Epic Companion
Rubeus Hagrid Epic Companion
Frey Twins Epic Companion
Cassandra Vole Epic Companion
Ivy Warrington Epic Companion
Grawp Epic Companion
Daniel Page Rare Companion
Kevin Farrell Rare Companion
Robyn Thistlethwaite Rare Companion
Crucio Mythic and Dark Spell
Avada Kedavra Mythic and Dark Spell
Thunderstorm Legendary Spell
Orb of Water Legendary Spell
Protego Diabolica Legendary Spell
Confringo Epic Spell
Incendio Epic Spell
Ventus Epic Spell
Glacius Maxima Epic Spell
Sectumsempra Epic Spell
Tebo Epic Spell
Expelliarmus Epic Spell
Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-Bangs Epic Spell
Bludger Epic Spell
Prior Incantato Epic Spell
Accio Epic Spell
Time-Turner Epic Spell
Epskey Rare Spell
Bewitched Snowballs Rare Spell
Aguamenti Rare Spell
Atmospheric Charm Rare Spell
Boomstick Rare Spell
Inflatus Rare Spell
Expulso Rare Spell
Glacius Rare Spell
Nebulus Rare Spell
Side-Along Apparition Rare Spell
Acromantula Venom Common Spell
Essence of Dittany Common Spell
Incarcerous Common Spell
Protego Totalum Common Spell
Oppugno Common Spell
Stupefy Common Spell
Howler Common Spell
Portkey Common Spell
Swelling Solution Common Spell
Piertotum Locomotor Legendary Summon
Baby Antipodean Opaleye Legendary Summon
Fiendfyre Legendary Summon
Norwegian Ridgeback Egg Legendary Summon
Phoenix Legendary Summon
Baby Manticores Epic Summon
Niffler Epic Summon
Bombastic Bomb Box Epic Summon
Thunderbird Epic Summon
Unicorn Epic Summon
Three-headed Puppy Epic Summon
Ashwinder Epic Summon
Occamy Epic Summon
Stack of Monster Book of Monsters Epic Summon
Weasley’s Firework Box Epic Summon
The Monster Book of Monsters Rare Summon
Acromantula’s Next Rare Summon
Whomping Willow Rare Summon
Fire Crab Rare Summon
Blast-ended Skrewt Rare Summon
Fwoopers Rare Summon
Troll Rare Summon
Erumpent Rare Summon
Matagot Rare Summon
Centaur Common Summon
Cornish Pixies Common Summon
Spiders Common Summon

We’ve broken the Harry Potter Magic Awakened cards list down into three distinct columns: name, rarity, and category.

Use the find feature of your browser to check the rarity and type of a spell, character, or creature you’re hoping to catch, use the category tab to find new cards to balance your deck, and, lastly, the rarity tab to get a rough idea of how hard it’ll be to acquire and upgrade the card you’re looking for.

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